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Bridging Borders: Our NPR Interview on U.S.-Mexico Border Politics

NPR Marco Lopez
NPR Interview on U.S.-Mexico Border Politics

I'm excited to share that my mom and I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by NPR to discuss the intricate and often misunderstood world of border politics along the U.S.-Mexico border. This conversation was especially meaningful to me, as it allowed us to bring a personal and multi-generational perspective to an issue that deeply affects and divides our communities.

During the interview, we explored the economic, social, and political challenges that border regions face daily. From trade and security to immigration and cultural exchange, we delved into how these elements intertwine and impact the lives of those who live and work along the border. My mom, with her rich experiences and profound insights, provided a heartfelt and enlightening viewpoint that resonated with many listeners.

One of the highlights was discussing how the border is not just a line dividing two countries, but a dynamic space of opportunity and collaboration. We talked about the need for policies that reflect this reality and foster stronger ties between the U.S. and Mexico, ultimately benefiting both nations.

I also addressed how unresolved border migration and security problems have led many traditionally Democrat-voting Latinos to consider voting for Trump, a shift that is worrisome to many of us who see the hateful rhetoric coming out of the MAGA movement. This shift underscores the urgency of addressing these issues with empathy and practical solutions.

I invite you all to listen to our interview and gain a deeper understanding of these critical issues. Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable, and I encourage you to join the conversation on how we can bridge gaps and build a more cooperative future.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.


Marco Lopez

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