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Will the Worst-Rated Democrat Governor in America Campaign for Joe Biden? Why This Is a Bad Idea

Joe Biden
Joe Biden, President 2024

As we approach the next election cycle, the Democratic Party faces a crucial decision: who will be the public faces for Democrats, especially for the President's campaign? One pressing question is whether the worst-rated Democratic governor in America should campaign for Joe Biden. The answer is clear: it’s a bad idea.

Arizona is a key state, especially important for winning over Latino voters, moderate Republicans, and many independents. Once hailed as the top swing state in America, its political landscape is critical for the Democratic Party. However, Arizona’s Democratic governor has garnered dismal approval ratings, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with their leadership. Aligning the Biden campaign with such a polarizing figure risks undermining the entire Democratic ticket and alienating these crucial demographics. Here’s why:

  1. Eroding Public Trust: Low-rated politicians often symbolize failed policies and ineffective governance. By associating with them, Biden’s campaign risks being tainted by these negative perceptions. Voters are more likely to remember the failures and frustrations associated with these figures rather than the positive aspects of Biden’s platform.

  2. Weakening the Brand: The Democratic Party needs to present a unified and strong front. Including controversial figures with poor approval ratings weakens the overall brand. Instead of showcasing the party’s strengths and achievements, it highlights internal weaknesses and divisions.

  3. Alienating Voters: Many voters are disillusioned with poorly performing politicians. By bringing them into the campaign, we risk alienating key demographics who might otherwise support Biden. These voters could be swayed to either abstain from voting or, worse, switch their support to the opposition.

  4. Distracting from the Message: The focus of the Biden campaign should be on the future and the positive changes that can be made. Bringing in a low-rated governor shifts the narrative to defending past failures rather than promoting future successes. This distraction dilutes the campaign’s core message and makes it harder to connect with voters on the issues that matter most to them.

  5. Fueling Opponent Attacks: The opposition will undoubtedly seize upon any association with unpopular figures to attack the Biden campaign. They will use these associations to paint the entire Democratic ticket as out of touch and ineffective, further damaging our chances of success.

For the Democratic Party to succeed, we must strategically select our representatives and spokespeople. It’s imperative to distance the Biden campaign from low-rated politicians who could harm our chances. Instead, we should highlight successful leaders and forward-thinking policies that resonate with voters. Arizona, in particular, has several exemplary leaders who fit this criteria and whom I have personally recommended.

In conclusion, allowing the worst-rated Democratic governor to campaign for Joe Biden is a strategic misstep that could have far-reaching negative consequences. Let’s ensure that our Party's presidential campaign is led by strong, respected figures who embody the values and vision of our party. The future of the Democratic ticket depends on it.

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