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Susan R., AZ

“Thank you for running for governor! I will look for you in future ballots. Si se Puede!."

Denise F., AZ

"I hope you run again."

Mel I., AZ

“It has been an honor to support you throughout this campaign. Your platform of inclusion is exactly what this country needs right now. Count on my support in whatever endeavor you choose next.”

Meet Marco Lopez

Marco leads several business and philanthropic organizations and currently serves as CEO of Intermestic Partners, an international advisory group that works with entrepreneurs and businesses to develop and expand their business activities.  In March of 2021, Marco ran for governor of Arizona, becoming the 4th Latino to successfully earn a spot on a major party nominating ballot in Arizona's history.  

Whether it is helping develop businesses or inspiring the next generation of leaders, Marco aims to deliver education and inspiration to a variety of audiences, through his writings, public speaking engagements, social media platforms, or his Powering Through podcast - get ready to be inspired in an authentic way that leaves you ready to conquer your goals.

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