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From Field to Life: Unraveling Sports-Inspired Lessons on Leadership and Perseverance

The Right Call: What Sports Teach Us About Leadership, Excellence, and Decision-Making


Many of you know that I am an outdoor runner, and I like to listen to audiobooks when I run. The latest book I listened to that I want to recommend is “The Right Call” because of its amazing leadership perspectives. The book delves deeply into the concepts of leadership, excellence, and decision-making. It is not just a book about sports. I enjoyed listening to it and was especially struck by the emphasis it placed on self-belief, self-control, and the unwavering attitude of never giving up. The book expertly blends the world of athletics with everyday difficulties, giving readers a guide on how to play the game of life.

Here are some lessons that I took away and think will encourage you to also read (or listen) to this powerful book:

1. The Power of Self-Belief

Anecdote: The Victory of the Underdog

In one of the book’s most compelling narratives, an underdog athlete manages to win against all odds. This was a demonstration of the athlete’s unwavering confidence in himself, not merely his physical brilliance. In a similar vein, self-belief can be the difference between success and failure in both our personal and professional lives. Even when the odds are stacked against us, our inner voice encourages us to keep going.

2. Discipline: The Unsung Hero

Anecdote: The Daily Grind

The book highlights the discipline needed to maintain one’s level of excellence while providing insight into a top athlete’s daily schedule. The daily work, continuous effort, and behind-the-scenes sacrifices are just as important as the major moments. Similar to this, everyday routines and discipline are what lay the road for long-term success in leadership and personal growth.

3. Decision-Making in the Heat of the Moment

Anecdote: The Game-Changing Move

A split-second choice can decide the outcome of a crucial game situation. The struggle is expertly captured in the book, which also emphasizes how athletes must have faith in their preparation, gut feelings, and common sense. We frequently have to make choices in life that could alter the direction of our lives. The secret is to plan ahead, maintain composure, and have faith in our talents.

4. Accepting Failures as Building Blocks

Anecdote: The Comeback Story

Every sports fan enjoys a good comeback story, and “The Right Call” provides one. It tells the story of an athlete who endures a career-ending injury and then recovers stronger. This anecdote resonated deeply with me because it emphasizes that failures—in sports or in life—are simply a bend in the road rather than the end.

5. The Role of Mentorship

Anecdote: Guided to Glory

On the verge of quitting, a young, talented athlete finds a mentor who alters the course of his career. This tale demonstrates the value of direction, insight, and mentorship. Having someone to mentor, counsel, and believe in us may make a world of difference in both athletics and business.

6. The Spirit of Perseverance

Anecdote: The Marathon Runner

One of the most motivating stories is about a marathon runner who refuses to give up despite tiredness, discomfort, and the desire to stop. This tale serves as a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit and the power of perseverance. It serves as a reminder that in life, the finish line and the path taken to get there are more important than the beginning or the difficulties.


In my opinion, “The Right Call is a textbook example of leadership, greatness, and judgment. It was a profound read for me since it emphasized that we can overcome any obstacle if we have faith, perseverance, and the spirit of never giving up. With its highs and lows, wins and losses, the world of sports is a reflection of our own lives. And just like in sports, we can make the right decision every time in life if we have the right mindset and strategy.

Check it out! ML

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